Sunday, August 31, 2008

Greetings from South Dakota

Hill City, to be exact. After wind that almost knocked me off the road en route to Billings yesterday, I had a much nicer drive today. I realized at one point the sky was no longer Montana blue. It was still bright and vivid, but it just wasn't the same. It's like living in black and white, getting the technicolor Oz, and then going back to monochrome Kansas. Everything is diluted, and soon it will be muted to shades of beige and fields of crop, the sky a white or pale blue stripe at the horizon. That's what it means to drive south, so that's okay.

Today, there were presidents enshrined in rock. Go on, can you name the four of them? If not, have shame and I am not helping you. So, welcome to the Black Hills of S. Dakota. Tomorrow, I am hitting the Badlands and thinking of Cissy Spacek and Martin Sheen all day, and I am definitely going to stop for some ice cream, at Wall Drug. My mom and I went there 14 years ago, and the signs have been beckoning me since Buffalo, WY. Then Omaha, and soon, back to STL.

I wore my other Royale shirt all over Australia, it seemed only right to wear one touring the west. And... I met people from MO while wearing it.

My trusty modes of transport in the foreground, Washington's profile in the back.


Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

So patriotic! So which one is your favorite?

Nice shirt, of course!!

Jerry J. Jester Jr. said...

Caffeine, PostSecret, and Frontier Dispatch has been my cure for the monday morning blues these past five weeks. I'm looking forward to your return to "The Lou" and to hearing about your sojourn in the mountains. JJJJ